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Li Trieb, “water”

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Li Trieb

The experience of time is a central topic in Li Trieb’s artistic work. She examines different aspects and versions of subjectivly experienced and objectively measured time in various works she groups under the title “ARCHIVING THE MOMENT”. Li Trieb has been working on the series since January 1, 2000, that is engendered by a rigid concept of everyday life and artistic creation. Every morning she defines the color of the sky in a poetic verbal expression and takes one Photograph of the sky. She continuously produces pure pigment depictions of cloud formations, whose transience is reflected in the ephemeral technique of the unfixed drawings. Li Trieb also plays with the aspect of time in her cycle of graphite drawings “Wasser”. Here, she renders the sensuous experience of water surfaces in perpetual motion through various layers of fine strokes which produce a picture that looks like a snapshot. These different elements add up to a conceptually im- pressive, artistically sensitive and multifaceted installation on the topic of time. 

- Elke Kania

Formerly assistant Curator at the Museum Franz Gertsch/Burgdorf CH now scientific associate University of Cologne Inspired by images of sky and water, she explores various possibilities of experienced and measured as well as subjectively experienced and objectively observed time in different work groups. 

„My work captures moments of awareness. Each instant refers to past and future moments. Each moment of realization and understanding appears as something that always announces itself, but never actually materializes. Whatever I experience and whatever comes within my observation, is only one in an apparently endless sequence of moments.“
Li Trieb

Li Trieb, born 1953 in Neustadt/Donau. Lives and works in Hamburg since 1995.


2020„Bright Days ahead“, group show, Galerie Commeter

2019Cologne Fine Art & Design, Galerie Commeter;

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 „Bright Days ahead“, group show, Galerie Commeter

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 "Li Trieb, Archiv der Augenblicke.", Ketterer Kunst, Berlin

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 POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Galerie Commeter

2015"Über Wasser. Malerei und Photographie von William Turner bis Olafur Eliasson", Bucerius Kunstforum;

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1997“Energiemuster“, Büro Simon Sonntag Morgenstern, Hamburg

1996“Schweizer Modedesign“, group show, Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zürich

1995colour scheming of Kathleen Madden AG headquarters, Thun

1993member of creation group “75 Jahre Kunsthalle Bern“/Performance “Erscheinungen“, Kunsthalle Bern

1992opening performance at the Kunstwochen Bern, Liveübertragung an die documenta 9 durch Pentagon Köln;

 colour scheming Haus Nicolaisen, Frieswil bei Bern

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1990Live-Performance „Wandelbare Behausungen“, ein Projekt mit zwei Tänzerinnen, im Schweizer Fernsehen (DRS)

1987Herausgabe der Künstler-Panneaus von Rudolf Mumprecht und 1988 von Claudio Knöpfli

1984Projekt mit der Schmuckdesignerin Esther Brinkmann für die Gruppenausstellung „Körper plus“, Kunsthalle Bern


“Water XXXV”  15/07/2019 – 6:02 until 10/04/2019 – 18:59 (15852 minutes of drawn time) 
pencil on paper, 19 2/3 x 27 1/2 in, LT/P 55



“without water VII”  01/29/2018 – 17:16 until 09/09/2018 – 18:02 (9386 minutes of drawn time) 
pencil on paper, 19 2/3 x 27 1/2 in, LT/P 46



“Water XXXIV”  07/14/2019 – 7:08 until 08/21/2019 – 17:44 (7239 minutes of drawn time) 
pencil on paper, 13 3/4 x 19 2/3 in, LT/P 53



“Rain XI”  09/28/2018 – 08:29 until 06/05/2019 – 16:59 (6.224 minutes of drawn time) 
pencil on paper, 13 3/4 x 19 2/3 in, LT/P 52



“Clouds XVII,”  01/30/2017 – 12:00 until 06/04/2018 – 20:24 (12827 minutes of drawn time) 
pencil on paper, 53 1/4 x 47 1/4 in, LT/P 48