Udo Lindenberg


Udo Lindenberg

In his edition “The deal”, Udo outed himself as a hustler from St. Georg/Hamburg and let people say: “He can’t sing, he can’t even draw. He does it anyway and fabulously.” 
That sounds a bit like a riot – but only in one’s mind. And all this is happening in the venerable Galerie Commeter. 185 years of dedicated business with art, continuously in a dignified Hanseatic way, not subject to fashion or trends. To the Hamburg gallery, elitist-art posturing is alien.  Udo, what are you doing here, with your coloured cartoons and caricatures? Ingenuously painted and drawn, without any epigones or role models. Cheerful and funny. Expressions of very personal views, ideas and fantasies. Udo, the veteran rocker and quasi-revolutionary, here in this bourgeois world? 
Udo embodies the Zeitgeist just as Goethe, Wagner and Beuys did, in their way, in their time. What is common to them is “total immersion”, the comprehensive concept of a unified work of art. I must, therefore, correct the quote at the beginning of my laudation and raise my glass to Udo: “You paint as well as you sing! And the Galerie Commeter is where you really belong.”

- Dr. Harald Falckenberg, Entrepreneur and Art Collector


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