Zoyt, “little storm woman”




Wood as organic material has a life of its own. Zoyt, who shapes his figures straight out of the trunk, is well aware of that: “With each wooden sculpture I start virtually from scratch”, he describes his work. Using organic material also means that he has to make compromises or sometimes even begin entirely afresh. Zoyt saws, rasps, cuts and sands his sculptures out of wood and on many of them he accentuates particular features with colors. By doing so, he has developed his own form language, which makes his sculptures unique. 
He draws his artistic inspiration from the early work of the French sculptor Aristide Maillol. On one hand, Zoyt’s sculptures are realistic and capture anatomic details. But he also likes to play with physical proportions, which creates immediacy as well as remote raptures. Occasionally, he shapes tableaus that tell stories, for instance about a “sudden tiredness” or a woman who meets a man with a dog. The tales, sentiments and thoughts, which Zoyt expresses with his sculptures, are simple, almost archaic and as such instantly move and touch us. 

Zoyt is born as Hans-Peter Conen, in Vancouver, Canada in 1957. He lives and works in Babitz, Germany.


2020“Bright Days ahead”, group show, Galerie Commeter

2019“Bright Days ahead”, group show, Galerie Commeter

2018“Bright Days ahead”, group show, Galerie Commeter;

 solo “Sculptures” at “Bischhofsburg Wittstock”, Brandenburg

2017solo show, Gallery “Im Torhaus”, Burg Goldbeck, Brandenburg

2016group show, Gallery Levy

 group show, Gallery Commeter

 exhibition with Uwe Lindau at „Kunstverein Rastatt, Pagodenburg“

2013exhibition with Sigrid Nienstätten, at “Kunsthaus Klüber“, Weinheim

2012art fair, ART Brandenburg, booth of Sculpture

2010solo show, Gallery Commeter, Hamburg

2006installation of the Sculpture “Well of Mimir” in Hamburg, Poppenbüttel

2005group show, Gallery “Alte Schule”, Berlin with Uwe Lindau, Bernd Fox and Jürgen Zimmermann

 solo show, Gallery Levy, Hamburg

2004exhibition with Igor Olenikov, Gallery Art 7, Köln

 exhibition with Annette Schröter, Gallery ARTIS, Darmstadt

 first prize in a sculpture competition for a new building in Hamburg, Poppenbüttel

2001“Roses for Jerusalem” , installation at Westwerk, Hamburg

2000Contemporary Art of Brandenburg, Potsdam and Bonn

1999participation at the yearly exhibition of Leipzig

 art fair, Art Cologne, booth of Sculpture, “Zimmer mit Aussicht”

1998solo show “100 x Zoyt” at Priv-Art-Museum, Hamburg

1997solo show, Gallery Commeter, Hamburg

1995solo show, Gallery Levy, Hamburg

1993solo show, paintings and sculptures at Gallery Tammen/Busch, Berlin

1991symposium for wood sculpturing at Burg Goldbeck, Brandenburg

1989solo show, Gallery “Am Chamissoplatz”, Berlin, Sculptures and Paintings

 solo show, Gallery “Abriss”, Hamburg, Sculptures and Paintings

 Showing first wooden Sculptures

 Kunsthaus Hamburg, Exhibition of the Fellows of Scholarship

1988One Year Scholarship for Free Arts in Hamburg

1987first solo show, “Paintings” at Gallery Prospect, Hamburg

1983Secretary in the Artist “Japs-Büro” of Kiew Stingl

1982selfnaming-act with the performance “Quicklyest Monument of the World”, Hamburg

1981Moving to Hamburg and enrol for the Study of Philosophy at the University

1980First public Performance “Occupation of a square meter”, Ettlingen

 Kunstverein Karlsruhe “Artists of Karlsruhe, exhibitioning” with Uwe Lindau, Jürgen Zimmermann, Herbert Zangs and others with an Installation Room „ULU“ Infinity- Life –Infinity


“Chiara” 2019, oak, height 36 2/3 in

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“Sturmfrau November” 2009, bronze, height 10 1/4 in

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“Goldbeck Grace I” 2010, cherry, height 40.5 in

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“Little stormwoman” 2010, bronze, height 13.7 in, edition of 12

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“Man with bowl” 2001, bronze, height 16.1 in, edition of 5

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“Goldbeck Grace III”, bronze, height 39.3 in, edition of 5

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