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Lars Zech, moving portrait

Lars Zech

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Lars Zech

The sheer aura of its work is already reflected in the title of it, which consequently carries its own dynamic. On the one hand it does explain the overall background, whereby though the almost scientific terminology, an immediate explanation is missing. The title hints how Lars sees its work or how it could be seen. But the neutral looking terminology does open space for a wide reaching interpretation. Art and Title do exist in parallel and can be observed in their pure presence or functionality but also open further room for thoughts. 

Bowl sculptures  represent an immense force and clarity, they are living but rest in themselves. The extracted hole as an equal style element does not only stand for emptiness but also (fullness), which the bowl is able to take up. The idea of a form is reduced to the core. Even though the object could have a certain function, it is more important that a sculptural decision has been taken, which is influenced of the circumstances of the material as well as of the aesthetical view. The form needs, what the final state of the work needs to be. The result tis driven by the use of conflicting elements, (calm) volumes are interrupted by filigree structures and jointly the do describe in moving lines the own form and its environment. 

Looking at the way of Lars Zech if following with his sculptures and wall objects, it becomes clear that he is driven by questions and views. Similarly to a white canvas – around the log, which are followed by differentiated and complex decisions which finally lead to a real, present and authentic piece of work. It is reflected through the material, the craftsmanship, the thoughtful identification with it and the resulting forms and contents.

Lars Zech is born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1971. He lives and works in the black forest.


2018POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Galerie Commeter

 art Karlsruhe, Persiehl & Heine

2017Cologne Fine Art, Galerie Commeter

 Kate Vass Galerie, Zürich

2016Art Fair Cologne, Gallery Steinberger

2015Art Fair Cologne, Gallery Steinberger

2014“L’univers de LARS ZECH“, Gallery JonasFernandoPires, Paris

2008“Inspirations (Sir Terence Conran)“, London

2006Axis, Tokyo, Japan


“moving portrait” 2017, walnut, height = 51 1/4 in, LZ/S 13



“moving portrait” 2017, black walnut, height = 51 1/4 in, LZ/S 6



“moving portrait” 2017, black walnut, 37 1/2 x 13 3/4 x 13 3/4 in, LZ/S 7