Minjung Kim

Minjung Kim, “the street”

Minjung Kim


Minjung Kim

Light develops a strength when it brings colour to life. Minjung Kim shows us the illuminating powers of ink. These deep spaces elicit our wonder but, even more, the desire, the longing for a vast openness. But since we cannot fly, the desire remains chained in the observation. Of course, there are some places in the world, where one would love to stay forever, nurtured by light, indulging in the desire whilst being embedded in earth, longing to be immersed in it. The openness of Minjung Kim’s watercolour paintings is an acoustic space. The receding silhouettes of the hills are a melody. Each watercolour painting is similar and different. No need to imagine anything, everything is already there. 
What tranquility, a descending, floating, airy quietness. And even though desire still torments us, the view into the distance fills us with peace. Minjung Kim resolves differences without eliminating contradictions. A paradox! That is what is striking about these paintings. We don’t just stand in front of those watercolour paintings, we perceive them as a reality, a world. We are part of this reality, this world. We are the viewer inside the painting. We look over our own shoulder, osmotically linked to the light, the vastness and the distance. On the other hand, our eyes view a watercolour painting, a piece of art, which keeps us at a distance, over which our gaze wanders and we take it for real. And in that moment we grow calm, like a jingling, a clinging, a fading chime, like an extension, that dissipates in the depth of space, as an extension of ourselves. 
These enchanting shades of light, which allow everything, that does not disturb the mystical peace. 

- Jean-Christophe Ammann, Curator

„I always keep in mind the importance of balance. You can call that yin and yang, as in traditional Asian philosophy, or simply an equilibrium of opposites.“
Minjung Kim

Minjung Kim, born 1962 in Korea, lives and works in France and America.


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“Pieno di vuoto” 2017, mixed media on mulberry Hanji paper, 19,7 x 19,7 in, MK/M 46

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“Pieno di vuoto” 2017, mixed media on mulberry Hanji paper, 19,7 x 19,7 in, MK/M 47

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“Red mountain” 2016, ink on Japanese paper, 14.7 x 18.3 in, MK/M 43 

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“Red mountain” 2014, ink on Japanese paper, 10.8 x 5.9 in, MK/M 39 

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“Grey mountains” 2014, mixed media on rice paper, 19.7 x 11.6 in

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“Phasing” 2016, mixed media on rice paper, 29.5 x 36.7 in

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“The Street” 2014, mixed media on rice paper, 31.5 x 51.3 in

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